About us

Our website has just been established, and we are a new consignee.

The domain name was registered on November 9, 2021. After 30 days of development, the first version of our website was launched on December 9, 2021.

At present, our main games are Genshin, Raid: Shadow Legends, and some new games will be launched in the future as the market changes.

Our website is very simple, currently only some core functions have been developed, such as order placement, order statistics, and automatic order placement functions.

The appearance of the website may not look so beautiful, it looks like a phishing website or a scam website, but this is the best we can do so far.

Even if we have energy in the future, we will try our best to restrain ourselves and not make too many design changes. 

More will be functional additions, such as website access speed, payment speed, etc.

Thank you for your attention to us, and thank you for seeing the end.

You are welcome to give us suggestions to our email ([email protected]), we will reply seriously, and do our best to make changes.

Hope we can make your ideal website for sale as soon as possible,

Hope we can reach your selling threshold as soon as possible.

Hope to reach a long-term cooperation with you.

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