Q: Do I need a member account to order from flarejoy.com?

A: No, you don't have to.

Q: Why should I become a member?

A: Being a member, you can not only track your orders easily, but also gain points after each purchase and enjoy discounts.

Q: What's the time frame for order delivery?

A: It normally takes us 10-30 minutes to finish the transaction if we have enough gold in stock, and 12-24 hours is needed if we need to restock for you. Most of the time it depends on the manner of payment, gold amount of your order and delivery condition of servers in game.

Q: I have placed an order with the wrong server or character name. What should I do?

A: Please send us an email to [email protected] with your Order NO. or email address you provided when ordering, correct server name and character name. We will fix it on our end and do the delivery then.

Q: What payment methods does flarejoy.com accept?

A: flarejoy.com accepts the following methods of payment:  
- Paypal & Credit card through PayPal

Q: Will my account be safe when I purchase a power leveling service?

A: We will not leak your account info and it's our professional staff who will do the power leveling sevice for you. They are well trained and will make sure during the process, your account will be all fine. But still as this is against game rules, there's still a tiny chance you'll get punished by the game developer, which both of us cannot avoid and should take the risk. Also we suggest that once the power leveling is completed, you should check and change your password for your own security.

Q: Will you start doing the power leveling after I paid? How do I check my Power leveling schedule?

A: The power leveling will be started instantly after we confirmed the information with you. And we will send an mail to tell you your order number. You can contact with us anywhere, anytime at your convenience on Discord to check your order status with your order number. Note: Due to some unexpected reasons, such as server downtime, network issues or wrong information provided, it may take a little longer for both of us to get everything forward. Under these conditions, we ask for your understandment and we'll do our best to finish the process asap.

Q: While your company is leveling my character is that possible for me to play and when I am off your company can continue the leveling?

A: Sure. We can do the non-stop leveling 24 / 7 or customize your schedule in a part-time procedure. Just contact us on Discord to let us know your desired schedule before we start.
One of the important issues we would like to remind you is that please do not login to your account while we are leveling your character.
You may notify us on Discord to log out first before playing by yourself. Please only login at your specified time if you choose a part time service.
Our reminder again: please notify us first before you want to play yourself.

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