Genshin Impact


Round and short pelvic fins, a plump body, and a plain face make up most people's first impression of the pufferfish. This is by and large an accurate assessment of its character as well: dull, slow, and lazy. However, few people know that this rather silly exterior hides a killer technique — this fish is capable of sucking water into its body before expelling it like a cannon from its mouth with such force and pinpoint accuracy that even fishermen might be stunned by it. Truly, it is a first-rate killer in the water.
"Pufferfish ahead? Watch for spittle!" — Angler's Atlas, Pufferfish Chapter

Other Language
Language Official Name
English Pufferfish
Deutsch Kugelfisch
Español Pez globo
Français Poisson-globe
日本語 鉄砲フグ
한국어 대포 복어


Name Pufferfish