Ruin Drake: Earthguard

Genshin Impact

Ruin Drake: Earthguard

A horrifying dragon-shaped machine.

It is said to be a war machine left behind by a now-destroyed nation. It mimics the appearance of the beings known as Vishaps, with some functional enhancements. Such machines have an even greater ability to "absorb" — or perhaps the right word is "counteract" — elemental powers than the vishaps.

From this ability, one can glimpse the scale of the ambition that the civilization that made these machines must have once held...



Ruin Drake: Earthguard




A ruin machine that can absorb energy and hurl it back as an attack. The Ruin Drake: Earthguard can periodically release a dangerous torrent of energy and increase its own Elemental RES against the previous main type of Elemental DMG it suffered. When it is preparing to unleash this energy torrent or when it is preparing for a special sprint attack, the core on its head will be exposed... Take this opportunity to attack the core, and you may be able to immobilize this creature and undo its Elemental RES boost...