Parametric Transformer

Genshin Impact

Parametric Transformer

A device that can transmute materials placed within and convert it into some other material.
·During the transmutation process, you must use Elemental Attacks to generate enough energy for the transmutation to take place.
·After obtaining the transmuted materials, you must wait seven days to use it once again.

This mysterious device, discovered within the ruins, has the power to accelerate cycles and "transmute" material objects. Generally speaking, everything is undergoing a cycle. Memories and elements surge within the ley lines, rotten fallen fruits return to the soil, and the trees born from the soil will one day bear their crystalline fruit...

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Name Parametric Transformer
Type Gadget

The Parametric Transformer can transmute materials placed within and convert them into some other material. You can utilize its properties to dispose of unwanted inventory. The type of items obtained in the process seems to depend on the materials used...

Cool Down Time

7 Days (Exact Time: 6 Days 22 Hours)


Obtained as a reward from completing the World Quest "Tianqiu Treasure Trail"