Narukami's Joy

Genshin Impact

Narukami's Joy

Weapon Ascension Material.
Those who belong to the Shogunate Commissions are those who administer and exercise power. In the monster-filled tales of the ancient past, those who were deeply trusted by the Shogun would bear talismans with this hooked design on their person, and just as the word "commission" means to "joyfully serve" in the old tongue, those who received her favor would return it with love and loyalty. Yet, after a certain point in time, nothing would be as it was before.

Other Language
Language Official Name
English Narukami's Joy
Deutsch Narukamis Freude
Español Júbilo de Narukami
Français Joie de Narukami
日本語 鳴神御霊の歓喜
한국어 나루카미 어령의 환희


Name Narukami's Joy
Type Weapon Ascension Material

Domain of Forgery: Altar of Sands (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday)