Rich Red Brocade

Genshin Impact

Rich Red Brocade

A piece of red brocade woven with golden thread.

Those born in the gilded desert under the sun occasionally sing a song, of which the meaning has been forgotten. They would praise the scorching sun that illuminates the earth as equally as ever and bewail the afterglow at the end of the dusk. Some unfamiliar words recur at the end of the song, which are said to be the names of ancient gods. Legend has it that when the King of the Desert was still alive, his people chose to cover their eyes as they dared not look upon him, whose brilliance was beyond that of the sun.

Other Language
Language Official Name
English Rich Red Brocade
Deutsch Goldverwobene rote Seide
Español Brocado rojo lujoso
Français Brocart rouge luxueux
日本語 金織の赤い絹
한국어 금자수 붉은 비단



Rich Red Brocade


Character Level-Up Material


Dropped by Lv. 60+ Eremites