Deathly Statuette

Genshin Impact

Deathly Statuette

A one-eyed carving that emanates an ominous energy, with no indication of what it's made of.
As you gaze upon this idol, you can almost hear a strange, comforting whisper...
"See, my child. All that lies under the throne of heaven shall be destroyed by upheaval. The eternal peace of the pitch-dark void shall embrace us all."

Other Language
Language Official Name
English Deathly Statuette
Deutsch Figur der Finsternis
Español Estatuilla de las profundidades
Français Statuette maléfique
日本語 幽邃なる彫刻
한국어 그윽한 조각상


Name Deathly Statuette
Type Character Level-Up Material


Dropped by Lv. 60+ Black Serpents